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Arise Nursing Work Culture

To build a strong, positive work culture, an organisation has to be deliberate. This is because it is never a one-stop thing. It must be built and kept alive via an ongoing process. It requires a clear vision, commitment from the leadership, and active participation from every member of the organisation. Forbes reports that it enhances both the well-being and productivity of the employee while also reinforcing the trust employees have in their bosses.

To build an organisational culture that works across the board, the leadership must play some major role:

Define Desired Culture

One of the first things done in the buildup of the work culture at Arise Nursing was a clear definition of the preferred culture. This was done in consideration of the organisation’s predefined values, mission, and long-term goals. Because it is a nursing agency, basic healthcare guidelines and compliance were also considered before anything was created. The resulting definition has always served as the guiding vision.

Leading by Example

Leadership plays a crucial role in shaping organisational culture. Leaders must embody the values and behaviours they want to see in the organisation. Our founder at Arise Nursing is an experienced nurse with so many years of experience; this makes it easy to act out what is needed alongside the leadership of the organisation.

Communicate the Vision

Communication well spelled out enhances output and productivity. Also, having well-established modes and patterns of communication helps everyone get along in the best way possible. Every process and attribute of our work culture process at every stage were clearly communicated to all members of the organisation using multiple channels, including meetings, emails, and internal documents. These actions consistently reinforce the importance of the culture and how it aligns with the organization’s mission. It also makes it easier to pass it down to every new employee.

Involve Employees

One way we have been able to keep our nurses closer and more involved is through our constant engagement with them in the process of building our work culture. Encouraging their input, listening to their feedback, and involving them in decision-making processes. When employees feel valued and heard, they are more likely to embrace the organisation and its work culture.

Develop Core Values

Every organisation has a set of values they identify with. For us, these values capture the whole essence of our organisation and are at the core of our work culture. These values guide our decision-making, behaviour, and interactions within the organisation. Also, it’s ensured that these values are not just words on paper but are lived out in practice.

Hire for Cultural Fit

During our recruitment process, candidates are assessed not only for their skills but also for their alignment with the organisation’s culture. Hiring individuals who resonate with our work culture has helped us maintain our integrity.

Training and Development

We offer training programs that reinforce every bit of our work culture and the different approaches to working as a nurse. This includes workshops on communication, teamwork, and leadership skills that align with our unique values. We believe that continuous learning and development are essential for cultural sustainability.

Recognise and Reward Desired Behaviours

Our management has Implemented a system that recognises and rewards employees who exemplify our organisational culture in the most desirable way. This includes praise, promotions, bonuses, or other incentives. Acknowledging and celebrating cultural alignment reinforces it.

Encourage Collaboration and inclusion

One of our unique qualities is that we have successfully built an environment that encourages collaboration and inclusivity. To complement this, we have continually encouraged open communication, diverse perspectives, and teamwork. Inclusion helps ensure that everyone feels a sense of belonging.

Monitor and Adapt

We conduct a regular assessment of our organisation’s culture through surveys, feedback, and observations, using available data to make the necessary adjustments and improvements. This is in accordance with our conviction that culture is dynamic and should evolve as the organization grows.

Dealing with Cultural Challenges

Moving forward, it is important to address cultural challenges or conflicts promptly and transparently. While this is monitored closely, our leaders are always prepared to have difficult conversations and take corrective action when necessary to protect the organisation’s culture.

Celebrate Successes

When a work culture is embraced across the board, it’s worth celebrating. Celebrating achievements that reflect the desired organisational culture is another form of encouragement for employees. We recognize these milestones and use them as opportunities to reinforce other values and behaviours we want to cultivate.

Building a positive organisational culture takes time and effort, but it's worth the investment. It's an ongoing journey that requires continuous commitment and adaptation as an organisation evolves.

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